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Georgia and I have planned some girly road trips up to the north to see Sam and Alex.'While they admitted to being excited to see how their relationship will fare as they go back to the UK following the show.Alex said: 'I’m excited and ready to experience outside life and see how far we can go together.'Montana added: 'It’s been so much more than I expected.I was just thinking, "They are going to kill me." She backs it up by saying: 'When you fancy someone and it's the early time of a relationship it's natural.'Ambers mum tells her: 'Of course it is, I wasn't bothered about the sex.' It was a different story for sheepish Montana, who is told by her mother: 'You didn’t try that hard did you!' when it came to her promise not to have sex on TV.Previously, Montana had said how nervous she was that Alex's mum had seen the couple having sex on TV.

Saved by the public first, Camilla and Jamie shared a sweet kiss as they came to terms with their positive fate.

Luckily, Kem gets Amber's dad approval, when he tells her: 'I absolutely love him, he is amazing.

The whole of Wales has been absolutely rooting for you.'Pushed on his true feelings for Amber, Kem confesses: 'I genuinely do think I'm in love with her.' Kem's mum says: 'When I see her with you and how happy you are, as a mother that just makes me so happy.' The talk of weddings even arises, when Kem's brother ribs him about his best man, reinforcing the idea that these could be the 'future' in-laws.

Everyone’s feelings are genuine, I’ve made life long friends, I’ve had the best time.' Their exit comes as the Love Islanders were left red-faced when their parents arrive in the villa on Sunday and they realise what their families have been watching all along.

Ahead of Monday's final, ITV2 viewers will be in for a treat as Kem and Chris get the chance to meet their in-laws - without so much as a shirt or shoes on - while Montana gets insistently scorned by her mother for fornicating on TV.

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Weighing in on the dumping, Camilla said: 'We're all going to miss Alex and Montana so much.

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