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Magnolia’s buttercream-topped treats ignited a sweeping cupcake craze.Here’s a local tip: for a faster fix, skip the long line at the original Bleecker Street location and head uptown to the second branch on Columbus Avenue.The most modern setting in the film is Samantha’s Manhattan office.The minimal space features a Vitra desk, bright white accessories, and sweeping views of Times Square. The energy of it is everything that she’s about.”Miranda’s beautiful Brooklyn brownstone is the movie’s most relaxed and down-to-earth setting.” The 25-minute boat ride gives great views of lower Manhattan, and best of all, it’s free! Carrie hits this legendary discount department store while serving jury duty.Braving the bare-bones dressing rooms and scoring a terrific deal is practically a New Yorker’s rite of passage. Carrie takes a flying leap for an assignment and realizes the value of a safety net. When everyone’s favorite "Park Avenue Pollyanna" wasn’t wining and dining with her three best friends, Charlotte York worked as an art dealer at this gallery in So Ho.In Charlotte’s Park Avenue apartment, the fanciful kitchen takes center stage.Production designer Jeremy Conway chose a white-and-cream color palette to serve as a backdrop for a plethora of cupcakes.

The Greenwich Village green space is also popular with kids, especially during the park’s spring and fall childrens’ festivals. Carrie tells Miranda about a major crush while scarfing down one of this bakery’s signature cupcakes.“Their carpets are designed by fashion designers,” set decorator Lydia Marks says. ”This chic space was rebuilt to look exactly like Carrie’s apartment in the first film.In the living room, chairs upholstered in fabric from Wolf Home surround a glamorous mirrored cocktail table from ABC Carpet & Home.It’s more subdued than the flashier closet of the first film, set decorator Lydia Marks says: “The ‘wow’ factors are the woodwork and the hardware.It’s more grown up and sophisticated.”Carrie occasionally delves into the supergirly closet of her former apartment, which is also featured in the film.

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