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Valeria's price is that Marcos must confess to their younger brother how he cheated him out of an inheritance.

Gandolfo pays for the stamps with a certified check, but the bank crashes the next day, making the check worthless.

To salvage the scheme, Marcos approaches Sandler's widowed sister, the owner of the real stamps, who agrees to sell them for 0,000.

He is forced to provide therapeutic support to Alfredo, a policeman depressed over...The main character of the film is trying to remember the tune of a Rita Pavone song throughout the film.The song by Rita Pavone "Il Ballo Del Mattone" plays as the end credits run.If you enjoy "soup opera" you will enjoy this more than I did, it was just what I was expecting, nothing big, just something lame in the most of the aspect.But you will learn that you can NOT make any type of business with friends; that is always a bad idea, especially sex.

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