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This marriage coaching professional also does mental health and substance abuse counseling, among others.

Even when I agreed with his reasoning, I would get in the middle because I didn't agree with the way he approached or spoke to my son.

I am an intelligent, fun and interesting plus size woman who was married 46 years.

Match doesn’t say how many of those relationships end with either a restraining order or a bunny being boiled.

for as long as i can remember as a kid my mother would lay around the house either naked or in a robe that wasn't tied closed., i never minded and usually would walk up to her so i could see more, And on a couple occasions she would ask if i wanted to see more,and then she would...

The Christ-centered solicitations notwithstanding, the personal ads got progressively bolder: “Sugar Daddy Wanted!

I have shared stories about watching my mom sleeping with another man. My mom is a very sexy woman, she is 45 but has an amazing body for her age.

She is not shy, she is very open and has many male friends, it was much later that I fond out why...

And even with that, Facebook only promises to “try” not to send the same ad.

Perfect, I suppose, if you’re in a hurry to move to Florida.

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