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Issue: You get the error message “User-defined type not defined” This normally happens when you create the Dictionary but forget to add the reference. Place a check in the box beside “Microsoft Scripting Runtime”. This is because it takes the case of the letters into account.See Section: Creating a Dictionary Issue: You have added a key to the Dictionary but when you use the Exists function it returns false This is normally an issue with Case Sensitivity(see above). Resolution: Set the Compare Mode to Text Compare to ignore case or ensure your data has the correct case.This would be useful where you had a list of sorted items and only wanted the last entry for each one. The Compare Mode property of the Dictionary is used to determine if the case of the key matters.

The Keys are the words and the Items are the definition.

If you are stepping through the code you can also add dict. This can be useful but it only shows the key and not the item.

Count to the Watch Window to see how many items are currently in the Dictionary. Note: You can only view Watches when the code is running.

When you want to find the definition of a word you go straight to that word.

You don’t read through every item in the Dictionary.

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