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After creating a hit song that an unscrupulous record producer (Howard) took credit for, Chad attacked the man, and had to leave Los Angeles in a hurry.

Henry had given him a shoebox that Chad had been found with all those years ago, which led Chad to believe that his family was in Harmony.

I know it's going to be hard, and I know it's going to cause her a lot of pain, but you know eventually we're going to have to tell Simone about you and me. Broke into the tabloid office to find out who sent the e-mail.

Works for Crane Industries Works for a music company Worked for an L. record company General Gofer at Book Caf Coaching Assistant to T. Russell Music Coordinator for Crane/Hotchkiss Wedding Music Mixer (in L. Chad was born in Harmony, but soon adopted by the Harris family who moved him out to Los Angeles.

With his silence, he is leading her on..breaking her heart. Right now, Chad has become the latest in a long line of people to sacrifice his beliefs to lie for Theresa and keep everyone from finding out the truth about her scheming.

He is still trying to get something going with Whitney, which horribly backfired when T. But Chad has a problem of his own in Simone..has continued to keep his silence about his feelings for Whitney, and plays the boyfriend for Simone.

He was going to correct the mistake, but Kay told him that Simone had an eating disorder to keep him from breaking her heart.

She looks upon him as a reminder of her own bad past (which she has kept safely hidden), and doesn't want her daughter's involved with a high-school drop-out from the streets.Chad and Whitney have finally managed to get together, and become a couple, but there's a road block in their way.He has told Simone he loves her (first in the Russell home, secondly at the Crane mansion), and continues to allow her to hope for a future with him.He decided to leave Los Angeles and head across the country.When he asked Latoya to walk away from everything and take a chance with him, she refused to leave her family and friends, and Chad walked away from her.

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