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In the United Kingdom, post-dating a cheque carries no legal weight and so such a cheque can be cashed before the due date.

However, a bank may refuse to honour a cheque if the post-date is noticed; otherwise, the payer has no right to take any form of legal action against the bank for letting the cheque be processed.

(3) For the purpose of determining whether a post-dated instrument is a cheque, the fact that the instrument is post-dated shall be disregarded.

(4) A cheque is not incomplete or irregular on its face by reason only that it is post-dated (whether or not the date has arrived).

In the United States, national banks are permitted to pay checks even though payment occurs prior to the date of the check.

According to the Comptroller of the Currency: "A check is a negotiable instrument—the payee, the person to whom the check is written, may negotiate it through the banking system at any time" and check writers seeking redress must restrict themselves to pursuing the payee.

My advice to anyone on here do a background check on anyone you meet on here.

This is known as a post-dated cheque and it cannot be paid until that date arrives.' While this is a sound interpretation of Australian Commonwealth law, for insurance reasons the bank protects itself from possible attack with the condition (2014: Section 1.7.1 'Using your cheques '): 'You authorise us to pay a post-dated cheque (one which is dated with a date in the future) drawn on your account and presented for payment at any time before the date of the cheque arrives.' In Brazil, the drawer may seek damages in Justice if their cheque is cashed in before its due date, according to the jurisprudential orientation of the Superior Court of Justice, as per Summary No. Under the clearing rules of the Canadian Payments Association, a post-dated cheque cannot be cashed prior to the date written on it.if I still feel they're lying or simply not being honest, I'll stop seeing them. But doing a background check seems way too invasive and underhanded. I'm in favor of any reasonable efforts a woman needs to go to, to make herself feel safe.As for me, I'll continue to evaluate personality and character the old fashioned way. My advice to anyone on here do a background check on anyone you meet on here.^^^^^^^^^^That's fine if your're paranoid...not go for psychiatric background checks while we are at it Even a person, who does not have a criminal background can flip and make you their first is a and offline I wholeheartedly agree!I recently dated a man from POF who was very upfront when we first started chatting that he was recently paroled. Said it was a misunderstanding that he gave his girlfriend's friend a pain pill and the guy snitched on him. Later in the relationship he admitted to a criminal homicide conviction & imprisonment. I have done and will continue to do background checks on anyone I date and/or have a relationship with. In this day and age when the info is accessible and to some degree, valuable, I think it is irresponsible of people not to.

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