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Your baby will adapt more easily than you think, and your relationship will stop getting pushed from the calendar.Parents are more depressed than non-parents, according to a 2006 study of 13,000 people.” Most senior singles have been married at least once before.Also, as a demographic, many boomers have invested in themselves and their personal growth over the years.

Building a midlife romance is more like planting a rose garden than a weekend project.Once you are dating your single senior and start to have the inkling that this person just might be the new great love of your life, it’s not time to jet down to the courthouse. Too many seniors are so strongly desiring to be paired up again that they rush to get engaged too fast.Becoming engaged within just a month or two and spending large amounts of money on purchasing major furniture together is moving way too fast.After Baby arrives, you'll have plenty of reasons not to have sex (tired, achy, busy), but you have a much better reason to have sex: Without frequent sex, your brain's levels of oxytocin (the so-called "feel-good" hormone) can drop, making you feel emotionally disconnected from your partner, Hutcherson says.So make sure you have a healthy sex life pre-baby, and don't be afraid to discuss what may come post-pregnancy.

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