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Where most on the right refer to the process of awakening to the evils of liberalism as taking the “red pill,” these are men who describe their philosophy as the “black pill” of apocalyptic nihilism.

A favorite meme of this crowd is ““Sharia law, though practiced today by some of the world’s most despicable races, is the only living example of anything that even remotely approximates the patriarchal society that Western man once had himself,” Vandal .

since the inception of the so-called “alt-right.” In its infancy, the rise of the alt-right brought white nationalists into an uneasy alliance with some of the internet’s most destructive misogynists.

And now that there’s a rising uptick against nationalist women, the men of the far-right must either mitigate or exile this new strain of misogynist extremism, or risk cannibalizing their most effective stars and propagandists.

The worst of this scorn is often reserved for the women within the far-right, undertaking sexist witch hunts meant to shame them for showing leadership in what they see as a man’s movement.“I’m not going to get married at 22 years old just so that I won’t be called a degenerate on the internet,” nationalist figurehead Lauren Southern said in a in February that “the philosophical irreconcilability between its paleo-conservatism, which aims for a return to traditional marriage while disapproving of porn and promiscuity, and the amoral libertine Internet culture from which all the real energy has emerged, will soon begin to show.”And the reckoning has come, with a vengeance.

In the past few weeks, the MRAs have regularly hurled sexist slurs at women like Lauren Southern, Tara Mc Carthy and Lauren Rose, leveling the tired accusation that they’re posing as traditionalists for mere fame and attention.“They’re tricking a lot of men into thinking they’re the ideal, traditional woman when they’re no different than the skank I can find in any nightclub here,” Roosh V, a famous rape apologist blogger, said in a You Tube video posted Dec. “In fact, in some cases, they are worse.”The far-right needs women as evangelists more than the misogynist extremists recognize.

“Every time they put on a big pageants, or a big lecture, you can be sure it would be women doing the publicity, collecting the food, and other standard women’s roles.”Eventually, the vision of empowerment offered to the women of the KKK found its limits.

Men stepped in to exert their power, assigning their own leadership over the WKKK, as women resisted sending their monetary dues up to the male leadership of the Klan.

Did it ever occur to you that starting a bulk candy vending business could give you a source of income?

By this time, it was clear women would be expected to uphold all of the responsibilities of male KKK organizers, while also taking a backseat and fulfilling essential domestic obligations. As a former skinhead, Shannon Martinez saw this story play out in her own relationship with the white power movement of the 1990s, pulling double-duty as a homemaker for adolescent racists even as she tried organizing her own efforts for recruitment and evangelism.“We could organize and put up fliers, but it was expected that I asked permission from whatever guy I was dating,” Martinez told .

Martinez has dedicated her time since leaving the movement 25 years ago — a boyfriend’s mother helped pull her out — to helping other young people get out, too.

I wanted to find an income-producing asset in the hundreds of dollars instead of the thousands so that I could continue my debt repayment plan and start producing income at the same time.

At the time, I worked as bartenders at a restaurant. ” Over the rest of the shift, I took notice of how many dollar bills we changed out for quarters.

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